???????? Hey! There we are again.

The photo speaks for itself: let’s go or stay #shouldistayorshouldigo
The last 3 months we have taken a social media break. 3 months after which the focus was not on social media, but on other projects. So we’re still there. We stay and so do our products .

We have actually expanded. Not with new products but with new workshops. We want to share our vision in other ways. And we do it #justdoit

Which vision again? that children find their place, be it at home in all living spaces or in this world.

So do we adults.

The last 3 months I have been on the road a lot. In schools. For kids & teens. For teachers, too. It will continue next school year!

I learned a lot, had disastrous hours from which I learned the most (about myself), as well as fun and meditative hours. We danced, laughed, yoged, painted, talked, played, breathed. We made breaks. Together. Breathe in. Breathe out.

#weareback #wirsindniegegangen #socialmediabreak #durchatmen #achtsamkeitsworkshop #retreatfürpädagogen #coclico_familydesign #kindermöbel #montessori

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