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The “rough” framework


In my workshops together with (and for) parents (grandparents, aunts, uncles and many more) I like to take you on a little hike. There is a station “the prepared environment”. I will talk to you and share with you inspirations for home. For what? To give your children and grandchildren the opportunity to pursue their needs of independence (“I do it alone”) and connectedness (together with you but also in everyday life).

What? How? Wherewith?

Easy for the children, it is when they have furniture (shelves, drawers, wall shelves) at their height. This gives them access to the utensils and tools that they can and are allowed to use in the corresponding habitats. Conversely, what I do not want for my children, I put in such a way that he/she does not get it. None of us have to deal with the conflict.

It is also ideal if children have movable and light furniture . So they can carry them independently (but please the table in pairs). For example, I’m in the living room right now, my child is playing, painting or reading. When I go into the kitchen to prepare something, I put my hand in the fire, so it won’t be long before he/she follows (tap, tap, tap, the little feet can be heard). The need for connectedness and security, is not satisfied by the change. (I don’t want to lump it together. If my child is totally immersed in his activity, he/she will not come – yet.) With the light furniture, he/she can continue to enjoy his game at the table and we are in the same room. Or the desire to participate is there and we spend this moment together preparing. (I’ll go back to the habitat “kitchen” in more detail).

It is interesting about carrying the furniture (by the way, small children are carrying) that the children indirectly perceive the body coordination unconsciously.

What else? Shelves at height are top, it is easier when the shelves are open, because they invite activity. The free choice is possible, so also the need for independence. They don’t have to be stuffed, rather reduced and kept simple (in fact, “less is more”).

Just as it is important to me to be taken seriously by my counterpart, so are children. That’s why the real world offers them. That is, do not be afraid to put glass made of glass and knives there. (Feel whether you are afraid or not. Have you seen your child with a knife? Maybe a butter knife is a perfect start ☺️ for everyone involved).

Believe it or not, aesthetics are the icing on the cake. How can children appreciate aesthetics if they don’t experience it themselves?

See what you have at home before I go shopping. It’s a lot easier than we think.

See you soon,


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