COCLICO Montessori children's furniture

What impact does COCLICO furniture have on your children’s development?

Montessori pedagogy is both a teaching method and a way of life that is designed to encourage (quietly and while observing) children to discover and develop their independence. One of the most important “tools” or materials to achieve this is the use of Montessori-inspired furniture. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Montessori-inspired furniture can help children develop self-reliance and empowerment.

In the Montessori furnishings, the furniture is designed to be accessible to children of all ages and sizes. This means that they can easily access the furniture, use it, and put it away when it’s done. This furniture is also designed to be simple and straightforward. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles, no complicated instructions, and no confusing features. Instead, they are intuitive to use, so children can figure out how to use them for themselves.

One of the most important advantages of this furniture – that is, of COCLICO furniture – is that it can help children to develop independence. When children are able to explore and use the furniture themselves, they can perceive their surroundings, feel safe and discover them accordingly. They can choose where they want to sit, what they want to play with and how they want to design their space (free choice of activity). This independence is an important factor in the development of self-confidence and autonomy.

For example, the Montessori-inspired chairs and tables are the right size for children, allowing them to sit comfortably and work independently. This means that the children do not have to rely on the help of adults to adjust their chairs or tables. You can just sit down and start working. This independence allows children to concentrate on their work and develop their ability to concentrate.

The Montessori-inspired shelves and cabinets are also designed to be accessible to children. They are low so that the children can easily reach the items they need. The shelves are also open so that the children can see everything that is available to them. This means that children can choose their own materials and work at their own pace. They don’t have to wait for adults to help them find what they need.

When children are able to access and use furniture independently, they can develop confidence and a sense of autonomy. By incorporating Montessori-inspired furniture into your child’s environment, you can help them develop independence and enjoyment of learning.

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