Mindfulness in everyday school life

Fill your backpack with different methods & techniques for the following topics, including:

– Brain research and what happens in our body?

– Definition of mindfulness and what it is not

– Mindfulness exercises, impulses & exchange of ideas

– Self-practice and guidance of meditations

– Attitude & Intention

– Dealing with disturbances

We take time for the exchange, for breathers, for the perception of a self-caring respite, for the re-feeling of “how am I doing… really…. really?”. Breathe in. Beathe out.


– The workshop is scheduled for half a day

– Workshop price is 480 €,- plus VAT

Funding should not be an obstacle to seizing the opportunity to discover mindfulness and integrate it into daily (school) life.
Together we will find a solution (funding programs, sponsors, etc..)


A mindful class community

…. with inner balance

If we start with ourselves to take good and loving care for ourselves, so we can pass it on and teach, with the vision that mindful moments in class are self-evident, such as the breaks.

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