MONTESSORI – a different philosophy


For almost a year now we have been experiencing a very strong and drastic change in our everyday life, as a family, as a woman and mother, as a kindergarten child or as a student, as a man and a dad, as a professional or full-time parents: everything suddenly stands upside down!

The routine with getting up, preparing for school or kindergarten, as well as starting your own work as it used to be, is not to be thought of at the moment. So it means spending a lot of time together, or even more and under other conditions: whether accompanying for home schooling or activities for kindergarten. At best everything all together!

In order to make everyday life clearer for all family members and to have a kind of agreement, I have a template to print. Your child can cut out the activities on their own and together you can discuss how the day can go (nothing is set in the stone). There are suggestions for different activities and you can add them (under “further ideas”).

CLICK HERE or THERE! So you automatically get to the template and you can save it gladly.


According to the Montessori philosophy, a prepared environment is child-friendly, the size and height of the furniture are geared towards the child. In this way, he/she can also explore his/her environment independently of the adult field. Whether at home, in an educational institution or in a hotel, the prepared environment plays a key role in Montessori pedagogy.

What does a prepared environment look like? It is flexible and lively and can be adapted again and again. It is prepared in such a way that the child can move independently in it.

The rooms are homely, friendly and lovingly furnished. Clear structures and order help the child to quickly find his/her way around the room.

COCLICO’s design kid’s furniture shows a simple design language, so that it can fit into every interior and in every room. All furniture is modular and coordinated to enable a wide range of combinations. The color palette of COCLICO is deliberately reduced.

In the kitchen, cooking utensils are stored in the Shelf VICTOR for the child, in the bathroom, the child can find his/her brushing teeth, brushing hair or can wash hands thanks to the shelf THÉO. In the kid’s room, the shelves become a reading or art corner. Table CAMILLE, stool FÉLIX and chair CLÉMENT can carry the child himself anywhere, so he or she redesigns the room independently depending on the game or activity.


Maria Montessori’s greatest strength was her ability to observe. She has observed that children have a unique potential. A quotation from Maria Montessori, which touches me very much and summarizes much of her pedagogy:

Children are guests who ask for the way

The basis of Montessori pedagogy is to see the child with his/her own personality and needs and to give him/her the freedom to develop.

The child should be able to discover themselves and their environment on their own. Both the environment and the material he/she deal with play a central role. It is intended to encourage the child to decide for him-/herself, to choose for him-/herself and thus to develop an independent way of working.

Our design kid’s furniture from COCLICO is geared to this: it is a furniture collection that the children can move for the most part independently and can always use according to their ideas.