Mindfulness with Kids & Teens

The positive effects of mindfulness practice have now been proven many times and so it makes sense to strengthen children and adolescents in it. This has its own challenges, because depending on age, family, social and cultural background (and in this very special and challenging time), different offers are needed to reach the young people. At the same time, numerous studies show that teachers, educators and other pedagogical specialists can also benefit significantly from such a practice.


– 6 weeks program

– one lesson (45 min) per week

– for children & youth groups

– Workshop price: 500 € (excluding travel expenses). For a class of 25 children it is 20€ per child for the entire program

Funding should not be an obstacle to seizing the opportunity to discover mindfulness and integrate it into life.
Together we will find a solution (funding programs, sponsors, etc..)

Sustainable mindfulness in everyday life

Children & adolescents with mindfulness experiences are usually more able to cope with stress, deal with setbacks and endure frustrations. Because they learn to create a sheltered retreat within themselves, they can better master the demands of the outside world.

This offer teaches the basic skills necessary to pass on mindfulness to children and young people in a sustainable and authentic way.

In playful exercises, I deal with topics such as effective approaches and methods for stress management and self-care.

For mindfulness training, I rely on sustainable experience: for this reason, you as teachers are actively involved in this training. During and after the training, you will take ideas and simple exercises with you, which you can incorporate into everyday school life.

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