The design kids’ furniture series from COCLICO includes a modular shelf system, which, like kid’s stool FÉLIX and kid’s chair CLÉMENT, grows with the child and can be individually expanded and freely combined.

The base heights of the shelves are adapted to the needs of the child, so that they can get an overview in standing and can carry out various activities. This is also supported by the open design of the shelves. With a height of 32.5 cm, Shelf VICTOR is already suitable for the youngest, Shelf THÉO offers a comfortable height for older children with 50 cm.

The felt liner also provides a haptic experience, as well as with the chair CLÉMENT and the felt pockets for table CAMILLE and stool FÉLIX.

Shelves VICTOR and THÉO are just two of the many variants that can be implemented with COCLICO’s modular shelf system. Thanks to the extension sets, the shelves can be converted at any time and enlarged from one compartment to two or three compartments.

Both models can be easily combined at their different heights.



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