Montessori children’s furniture

The design children’s furniture series by COCLICO includes the children’s stool FÉLIX, the children’s chair CLÉMENT and the children’s table CAMILLE, all of which grow with you, are individually expandable and freely combinable.

Children’s chair CLÉMENT: The design children’s chair CLÉMENT by COCLICO is the winner of the Green Product Award 2020 in the category KIDS. CLÉMENT is suitable for children from the age of two or from the time when the child can stand safely. Thanks to its felt backrest, the CLÉMENT children’s chair makes sitting very comfortable.

Children’s stool FÉLIX: FÉLIX enters the stage as soon as the child can stand confidently, from about the age of 18 months. The Montessori children’s stool FÉLIX is an absolute lightweight, which distinguishes it. At the same time, he stands firmly on the ground with his four stable legs. He easily participates in every change of location: even the youngest ones can push and move it from one place to another.

Children’s table CAMILLE: CAMILLE invites you to numerous activities. It is a place of encounter and action, and this place can be everywhere. At the Montessori children’s table CAMILLE people discover, research, build and laugh. The table fits perfectly in all living spaces as well as in the kitchen.

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