When it comes to children, parents want the most beautiful and best for their child. It’s that simple.

That was our drive to design kid’s furniture. The production of our design children’s furniture from COCLICO is based on four principles: we work locally, inclusively, sustainably and ecologically. This is how we understand our responsibilities.

LOCAL in order to produce less CO2 and support regional craftsmanship and to be in close and personal contact with our manufacturers.

INCLUSIVE, as Maria Montessori has also worked with children with disabilities. Most of the COCLICO kid’s furniture is manufactured in rehabilitation workshops. In this way, we give people a demanding task and the opportunity to find a place in society.

SUSTAINABLE to actively do something good for people and the environment. The wood we use and the wood fibreboards made of valchromate dyed with organic dyes are FSC-certified.
The wool for our felt products has the standard Öko-Tex 100 (tested for pollutants).

The longevity of our COCLICO children’s furniture series is also sustainable as they grow along. This means less consumption and less waste. This includes packaging, which consists exclusively of recycled cardboard and is supplied by local partners.

ECOLOGICAL, because we are very careful with our natural resources to preserve our planet as a habitat for our children as well.

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