After my anthroposophical and Montessori qualifications, I had the desire to create a place of encounter for families. A place of mindfulness for the child, parents and families.

An important point in this project was the furniture. According to Maria Montessori, the furniture is varied and adapted to the size of the child. They are so light that the child can wear them independently and use them functionally. It was also important for us that the design should be simple and aesthetic and invite you to play.

From these considerations, the cooperation with Industrial Designer Olaf Schroeder took place.

After almost two years of joint creative work, the children’s furniture collection COCLICO was created. A separate brand had emerged from the company’s own needs.

But how did the brand get its name COCLICO?

There is a history of the heart behind this that our brand could not better represent.

One day my youngest son came home at the age of three and had brought me a poppy as a gift, one of my favorite flowers. She was already slowly wilting. I told my two sons that a poppy flower is strong, because of its intense color, and you can see it from afar.
And it is strong, because it finds its place everywhere: it grows in the middle of the field or on a rocky path. At the same time, it is also very delicate and fragile. As soon as it is picked and ripped from its nutritious ground, it begins to wither.

Eventually my older son, then 4 1/2 years old, came with a glass of water, the poppy he had already put in. “So, Maman, now the flower will live longer.” I was very moved by this independent action by my elder son.

Suddenly I noticed this beautiful connection: a child is as strong as the poppy flower, it has a wonderful inner potential that it “thriving” everywhere and yet is so tender and vulnerable.

If we adults ensure a positive and stimulating environment, the child will be given the freedom it needs to grow safely.

My mother tongue is French and the word for poppy flower is “Coquelicot”. This is how COCLICO was born.


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