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It’s great that you discovered us and want to know more about COCLICO. With COCLICO, we, Elise and Steffen, have created a brand that realizes a innovative and timeless design with sustainable and exclusively ecological materials.

In addition to aesthetics and functionality, there is a lot of love and heart of all products. In this way, we want to initiate a rethink and a new form of family coexistence and thus bring more joy and lightness into everyday life. What if everyone in the family had a place in every living place at home?

In this film you can learn more about us and COCLICO. Have fun!


“Help me do it myself!”is the famous motto of Montessori pedagogy.

According to the founder, Maria Montessori, the child wants to be mainly self active : carry himself, cut, paint, hold, run.

The child feels connected to us ,adults, when she/he shares the home with us and feels that we trust in her/his independence.


The COCLICO kid’s furniture design collection finds its inspiration in the Montessori philosophy.

It was created in collaboration with the Industrial Designer Olaf Schroeder to actively support children from birth to adulthood in shaping their own environment.

The COCLICO children’s furniture stand for sustainability and ecological awareness. They are handy and light, the child can carry them anywhere, depending on the age.

The COCLICO kid’s furniture collection is modular and grows with the child.

The design is deliberately kept simple so that it is integrated neutrally into the family’s living space.


???? 100% sustainable • ecological • local • inclusive
inspired by the Montessori philosophy
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