inspired by Montessori

After the nomination… the result:

COCLICO’s Design Children’s Chair CLÉMENT is the winner of the Green Product Award 2020 in the KIDS category.

The Green Product Award entered its seventh year in 2020 and offers a platform for manufacturers, designers & agencies that excels with their products & services in terms of sustainability, design, and innovation.

We are pleased that we were able to convince the international jury with our concept and product and that the chair CLÉMENT was awarded as the winner in the category Kids.

The term “sustainability” that has been widely used in the recent past is not only a current trend for us, but is also very close to our hearts at COCLICO. Sustainability is not limited to the materials used. This awareness is more necessary than ever for each of us.

Sustainability begins with the first thoughts, with consciousness. With the concept, the design, the materials used and the dispatch, we act sustainably and responsibly.


“Help me do it myself!”is the famous motto of Montessori pedagogy.

According to the founder, Maria Montessori, the child wants to be mainly self active : carry himself, cut, paint, hold, run.

The child feels connected to us ,adults, when she/he shares the home with us and feels that we trust in her/his independence.



The COCLICO kid’s furniture design collection finds its inspiration in the Montessori philosophy.

It was created in collaboration with the Industrial Designer Olaf Schroeder to actively support children from birth to adulthood in shaping their own environment.

THE COCLICO Children’s furniture stand for sustainability and ecological awareness. They are handy and lightweight, the child can carry them anywhere, depending on their age.

The COCLICO kid’s furniture collection is modular and grows with the child.

The design is deliberately kept simple so that it is integrated neutrally into the family’s living space.

A matter of the heart: the products of COCLICO

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KID’S FURNITURE, companion beyond childhood

Kid’s furniture and accessories for children are important components in the design of kid’s rooms. Interiorstyling, feeling well-being in your own four walls has become very important in recent years compared to practicality. Aesthetics and design now apply to both the rooms of adults and children.

Sustainable and ecological materials complete the range to cover the variety of tastes and furnishing styles.

What if our interiors were designed according to the needs of the whole family? Growing design kid’s furniture is a perfect solution for all family members. Here you will find the modular design kid’s furniture collection COCLICO, which fits wherever autonomy is at home.